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Do you want a Filipina from Cebu?

Do you want a Filipina from Cebu?

I found this article from and I thought I would share it with you.....

If your Filipina girl lives in Cebu Island, one of the Visayas Islands, then your Filipina woman is a Cebuana. Cebuana is a term used for Filipina girls and Filipina women who grew up and recognize Cebu as their province.

While "Bisaya" is a general term used for people living in most of the other Visayas islands and in Mindanao Island.

Cebu is one of the provinces of the Philippines. Cebu Island is a typical tropical island with narrow coastlines, limestone plateaus, and coastal plains. Cebuano is the native language spoken by the inhabitants of Cebu, Bohol, eastern part of Negros island, western parts of Leyte and Biliran islands, and southern third of Masbate island. It is also spoken in a few towns and islands in Samar. Cebuano has the most number of native speakers than Tagalog.

There are many beautiful Filipina women, calling themselves as "Cebuanas" living in Cebu. So, how do you court a Filipina Cebuana woman? There are many different ways of course, and Filipina Cebuanas are no different from other Filipina women. They want to be wooed and courted with gifts and loving phrases.

Here are some Filipina dating phrases in the Cebuano language. You can use it to court the Filipina Cebuana woman who lives in Cebu, Philippines!

These Filipina dating phrases are the same phrases you can also use to court Filipina Bisaya women living in most of Mindanao, particularly in Northern Mindanao, Central Mindanao and Southern Mindanao. You can find many beautiful Filipina Bisaya women from Mindanao who are beautiful, educated, and much more old fashioned in their ways than the Filipina Cebuana women who mostly grew up in the city of Cebu.

Check my article on Tagalog Alphabet and Basic Tagalog Words to learn how to read the following sentences...

1) I like you - "Gusto ka nako"
2) I like you very much - "Nakagusto jud ko sa imo"
3) I have a crush on you - "Naka-crush ko sa imo"
4) Take care - "Pag-amping"
5) You take care - "Mag-amping ka ha"
6) I think about you - "Nag-hunahuna ko sa imo"
7) I think about you all the time - "Pirme ko gahunahuna sa imo"
8) I dream about you - "Nagdamgo ko sa imo"
9) I miss you - "Miss nako ka"
10) I miss you very much - "Miss na miss jud nako ka"
11) I am in love you - "Gihigugma ko ikaw"
12) You are the only one I love - "Ikaw lang ang akong gihigugma"
13) I love you - "Nahigugma ko nimo"
14) I love you very much - "Gugmahan kaayo ko nimo"
15) I want to marry you - "Gusto nako ka pakaslan"
The Cebuano language or Bisaya language can have many other versions and different arrangements of the words used, but the meaning is the same. Each version depends on the situation of the moment the endearment is spoken.

In any case, Cebuanas usually know how to speak Tagalog...

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Interesting Facts About The Philippines

- The best time to visit The Philippines is during the dry season. In most of the tourism areas, it runs from about October to May. The first half of this season is the coolest, making it ideal for traveling. The second half is hotter.

- Humans from the Malayan Peninsula settled parts of the Philippine Islands at least 30,000 years ago.

- The first to set foot on the islands were the explorer Ferdinand Magellan and his crew in 1521. Some people erroneously believe that Magellan was the first to circle the globe. He was killed by the native chief Lapu Lapu six weeks after he landed in the Philippines. It was Magellan's crew who completed the historic journey.

- The Spanish colonial period spanned over three centuries, ending in 1898. Native uprisings periodically occurred.

- Spain sold the Philippines to the USA in 1898 for 20 million US dollars. American control lasted virtually a half-century, not without protests. During that time, the Japanese invaded the Philippines in 1941, but were defeated by the Americans and Filipinos several years later.

- In 1946, America relinquished its sovereignty, and the Philippines became an independent nation.

- The Philippines has over 7,107 islands (second only to Indonesia). The collective coastline - if stretched out - would almost encircle the equator.

- The Philippines was named for the 16th century Spanish King Felipe II. The nation's official English name is "Republic of the Philippines". However, "Philippines" and "Philippine Islands" are also widely and acceptably used. Misspelling"Phillipines" is a somewhat common writing mistake by foreigners.

- Many Filipinos have Spanish names. They were urged upon most urban Christianized Filipinos by the Spanish colonists. However, some families have proudly kept their ancestral names. Dumaual, Macapagal and Magsaysay are examples.

- The population of the Philippines is roughly 90 million. Five out of six Filipinos are Roman Catholics. About 5% are Muslims, who are concentrated mainly in the south in Mindanao.

- Filipino (also called Pilipino and Tagalog ) is the official and most widely spoken language.

- The Philippines is the world's third-largest English-speaking country (after the USA and Great Britain).

- There are many languages/ dialects (around 100) spoken in the Philippines. You likely won't be able to understand many people in some parts of the Philippines even if you are fluent in Filipino and English.

- Filipino national hero Jose Rizal could read and write at age 2, and grew up to speak more than 20 languages, including Latin, Greek, German, French and Chinese. What were his last words? "Consummatumsst!"("It is done!"). The Spanish killed him by firing squad because of his writings and alleged conspiracy with some Filipinos to overpower the then existing Spanish Government.

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You know you're Filipino when....

When you are trying to connect with Filipinos, it is helpful to know a bit about them and their culture. This joke is an exaggeration of what Filipinos are like, but they are partly true. It is up to you to figure out how to use this to your advantage when trying to make your Filipina smile...

You know You're Filipino When....

You point with your lips

You eat with your hand and have it down as a technique

Your other piece of luggage is a "Balikbayan Box"

You nod your head upwards to greet someone

You put your foot up on your chair and rest your elbows on your knees while you eat

You kiss relatives on the cheek when you enter the room

You're standing next to eight big boxes at the airport

You smile for no reason

You go to department stores and try bargain with the price

You scratch your head when you don't know the answer

You never eat the last morsel of food on the table

You play pusoy or mahjong

You prefer to sit in the shade instead of basking in the sun

You put your hands together in front of you as if to make a path and say "Excuse, Excuse" when you pass in between people or in front of the TV

Your middle name is your mom's maiden name

Your perfectly comfortable in a squatting position with your elbows resting on your knees

You consistently arrive 30 minutes late for events

You always offer food to your visitors

You put your arm on the other person's shoulder if he or she is a close friend of yours

You draw a rectangle in the air when asking for the bill, which never fails to baffle the restaurant staff

You don't sit on the bowl in public toilets, no matter what part of town or if your thighs ache like hell; and you flush the toilet with your feet

You think 'tuck out' is the opposite of 'tuck in'

You show up late for work and your excuse is 'I forgot to on the alarm' or better yet 'traffic eh'

Brushing your teeth after lunch in the office lavatory is an unbreakable habit, even if your colleagues can't bear touching the taps after you've drooled and spat all over them

Namedropping is your favorite sport when you meet up with new acquaintances from back home

You fight noisily with Cathay Pacific check-in staff over the size of handcarried luggage-which could be anything from oversized suitcases to major appliances

You underdeclare your income when you pay Phil tax, even if it's peculiar that a consultant is paid little more than a domestic helper's wages At Immigration, when they call out 'Maria', you and 46 other women stand up

You think taking a shower and taking a bath are the same thing

You use shopping bags as garbage bags You think eating chocolate rice pudding and dried fish is a great morning meal

You order breakfast items like tapsilog, longsilog, or tocilog at restaurants

You always grab a toothpick after each meal

You order a 'soft drink' instead of soda

You dip bread in your morning coffee

You refer to seasonings and all forms of MSG as 'Ajinomoto'

Your cupboard is full of corned beef hash, spam and vienna sausage

You appreciate a fresh pot of hot rice

You bring your 'baon' to work everyday

Your 'baon' is usually something over rice

Goldilocks means more to you than a fairy tale character (bakery)

You wash and re-use plastic utensils and styrofoam cups

You eat purple Yam flavored ice cream (ube)

You know that 'chocolate meat' isn't really made with chocolates

You think half-hatched duck eggs (balut) are a delicacy

You have an ice shaver for making 'halo-halo'

Your cloth tablecloths have telltale 'tuyo' circles on them

You have to have a bottle of Jufran handy

You use your fingers to measure the water when cooking rice

Neighbors complain about the smell of 'tuyo' on Sunday mornings

You fry Spam and hotdogs and eat them with rice

You eat rice for breakfast

You have a supply of frozen lumpia in the freezer

Your buy ketchup made from bananas and named after alien spaceships

You've eaten hotdogs made from worse things than lips and ass

You put hotdogs in your spaghetti

You consider dilis the Filipino equivalent to french fries

You know the meaning of double dead egg. double dead chicken

The pasalubong you want from Manila is cornik, which you snack on eight times a day in the office

Your idea of a diet is a diet coke with a McDonald's meal

You serve coffee in small glass coffee containers

You drink beer with ice

You unwrap Christmas gifts very carefully, so you can save and reuse the wrapping (and especially those bows) next year.

You only buy Christmas cards after Christmas, when they are 50% off.

When there is a sale on toilet paper, you buy 100 rolls and store them in your closet or in the bedroom of an adult child who has moved out.

Your stove is covered with aluminum foil.

Your kitchen has a sticky film of grease over it.

You use the dishwasher as a dish rack.

You have never used your dishwasher.

You eat all meals in the kitchen.

You save grocery bags, tin foil, and tin containers.

You use grocery bags to hold garbage.

You always leave your shoes at the door.

You have a piano in your living room.

You play a musical instrument.

You pick your teeth at the dinner table (but you cover your mouth).

You twirl your pen around your fingers.

You hate to waste food....
(a) Even if you're totally full, if someone says they're going to throw away the leftovers on the table, you'll finish them.
(b) You have Tupperware in your fridge with three bites of rice or one leftover chicken wing.

You don't own any real Tupperware-only a cupboard full of used but carefully rinsed margarine tubs, takeout containers, and jam jars.

You have a collection of miniature shampoo bottles that you take every time you stay in a hotel.

The condiments in your fridge are either Price Club sized or come in plastic packets, which you save/steal every time you get take out or go to McDonald's.

Ditto for paper napkins.

You never order room service.

You own a rice cooker.

You fight over who pays the dinner bill.

Your dad thinks he can fix everything himself.

You majored in something practical like engineering, medicine or law.

When you go to a dance party, there are a wall of guys surrounding the dance floor trying to look cool.

You live with your parents and you are 30 years old (and hey they prefer it that way). Or if you're married and 30 years old, you live in the apartment next door to your parents, or at least in the same neighborhood.

Your parents' house is always cold.

You reuse teabags.

Your mom drives her Mercedes to the Price Club.

You always look phone numbers up in the phone book, since calling Information costs 50 cents.

You only make long distance calls after 11 pm.

You have acquired a taste for bittermelon (ampalaya).

You prefer your shrimp with the heads and legs still attached-it means they're fresh.

You always cook too much.

If you don't live at home, when your parents call, they ask if you've eaten, even if it's midnight.

You e-mail your friends at work, even though you are only 10 feet apart.

Your parents send money to their relatives in the Philippines.

You're always late.

You eat every last grain of rice in your bowl, but don't eat the last piece of food on the table.

You know someone who can get you a good deal on jewelry or electronics.

You never discuss your love life with your parents.

Your parents are never happy with your grades.

You save your old Coke bottle glasses even though you're never going to use them again.

You keep used batteries.

Your toothpaste tubes are all squeezed paper-thin.

Your relatives either work in medicine or real estate.

You take this message and forward it to all your Filipino friends.

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Basic Tagalog Phrases

The Filipino Alphabet

Tagalog Vowels : Pronunciation

A- an open front unrounded vowel similar to English "father"
E - an open-mid front unrounded vowel similar to English "bed"
I - a close front unrounded vowel similar to English "machine"
O - a close-mid back rounded vowel similar to English "forty"
U - a close back unrounded vowel similar to English "flute"

Filipino / Tagalog Alphabet :

A a B b K k D d E e G g H h I i L l M m
a ba ka da e ga ha i la ma

Nn Ng O o P p R r S s T t U u W w Y y
na nga o pa ra sa ta u wa ya

Basic Tagalog Words and Phrases :

English: Ingglés (ing-GLES)
Filipino: Pilipino (pih-lih-PIH-noh)
Tagalog: Tagalog (tah-GAH-log)
What is your name?: Anó ang pangalan ninyo? (uh-NOH ahng puh-NGAH-lan nin-YOH)
How are you?: kumustá (koo-mus-TAH)
Good morning!: Magandáng umaga! (muh-gun-DAHNG oo-MAH-gah)
Good afternoon! : Magandáng hapon! (muh-gun-DAHNG HAH-pawn)
Good evening!: Magandáng gabí! (muh-gun-DAHNG gah-BEH)
Good-bye: paalam (pa-AH-lam)
Please: Depending on the nature of the verb, either pakí- (pah-KEE) or makí- (mah-KEE) is attached as a prefix to a verb. ngâ (ngah) is optionally added after verb to increase politeness.

Thank you: salamat (sah-LAH-mat)
That one: iyan (ee-YAN)
How much?: magkano? (mag-KAH-noh?)
Yes: oo (OH-oh)
No: hindî (hin-DEH)
Sorry: pasensya pô or sorry/sori (pah-SEN-shah PO) ,

patawad po: (pah-TAH-wahd PO)
Because: kasí (kah-SEA)
Hurry!: Dalí! (dah-LEE),

Bilís! : (bih-LEES)
Again: ulít [u'lεt (oo-LET)
I don't understand: Hindî ko maintindihan (hin-DEE koh ma-in-TIN-dih-HAN)
Where's the bathroom?: Nasaán ang banyo? (NA-sa-AN ang BAN-yoh?)
Do you speak English? Marunong ka bang magsalitâ ng Ingglés?

(mah-ROO-nohng kah bang mag-sah-li-TAH nahng eeng-GLESS?)

* unlike what non-filipinos think... no filipino says "mabuhay" ...they only do if they are talking to non-filipinos

More Basic Tagalog Words.... ( remember how the vowels are pronounced )

You're welcome. Walang anuman. (literally it is nothing)

Take care. Ingat!!!

How old are you? Ilang taon ka na?

Where are you from? Taga saan ka?

Where do you live? Saan ka nakatira?

Where have you been? Saan ka galing? (often used rhetorically)

Where are you going? Saan ka pupunta? (Sah-ahn kah poo-poon-tah?)

Can you accompany me to _____? Pwede mo ba akong samahan sa _____?

Can you take me to _____ ? Pwede mo ba akong dalhin sa _____ ?

What is your work/ what do u do? Anong trabaho mo?

What are you doing? Ano ang ginagawa mo? (ano ang ge-nah-gah-WAH mo)

Where do you go to school? Saang eskwela ka nag-aaral?

Good/Well Mabuti

What is your name? Anong pangalan mo?

My name is ______ . Ako si ______ .

Ang pangalan ko ay si _______. (literal)

Please. paki usap po

Thank you. Salamat

Thank you very much Maraming salamat

You're welcome. Walang anuman. (literally it is nothing)

Take care. Ingat!!!

How old are you? Ilang taon ka na?

Where are you from? Taga saan ka?

Where do you live? Saan ka nakatira?

Where have you been? Saan ka galing? (often used rhetorically)

Where are you going? Saan ka pupunta? (Sah-ahn kah poo-poon-tah?)

What is your work? Anong trabaho mo?

What time is it? Anong oras na?

Do you understand English? Nakakaintindi ka ba ng Ingles?

Do you speak English? Nakapagsasalita ka ba ng Ingles? or Marunong ka ba mag-Ingles?

Yes, I speak/understand a little. Oo, konti lang.

I don't understand Tagalog. Hindi ako nakakaintindi ng Tagalog.

Is there someone here who speaks English? Meron ba ditong marunong mag-Ingles?

Who is she/he? Sino siya?

What is she/he saying? Anong sinasabi niya?

What do you mean? Ano ibig mong sabihin?

Please say it again/pardon. Pakiulit.

Please write it down Pakisulat.

Let's go! Tara!(very informal) Halika na (semi-formal)

Wait!!! Teka!!!

Can I speak to ____ ? (on the phone) Pwedeng makausap si _____?

One moment Sandali lang

Who? Sino?

What? Ano?

Why? Bakit?

Where? Saan? (SAH-ahn)

When? Kailan?

How? Paano? (PAH-ahno)

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Complete List of Area Codes in the Philippines

  • Remember the formula country code + area code + phone number
  • Cellular Phones don't need area codes

For example,

  • Calling Manila with phone number 898912 ... dial 632898912
  • Calling a cellphone in the Philippines with phone number 09184564561 ...dial 639184564561

    List of Area Codes in The Philippines

    Province -Destination - Code
    Extelcom Mobile (Extelcom) 973
    Globe Mobile (Globe) 917
    Islacom Mobile (Islacom) 915
    PilTel Mobile (Piltel) 912
    PLDT Mobile (PLDT) 90
    Smart Mobile (Smart) 918
    Sun Cellular Mobile (Sun Cellular) 922
    Abra Abra 74
    Bangued 74
    Agusan del Norte Butuan 85
    Cabadbaran 85
    Nasipit 85
    Bayugan 85
    Prosperidad 85
    Aklan Boracay 36
    Kalibo 36
    Albay Camalig 52
    Daraga 52
    Legaspi 52/5221
    Libon 52
    Ligao 52
    Polangui 52
    Tabaco 52
    Tiwi 52
    Antique Antique 36
    Bataan Abucay 47
    Balanga 47
    Dinalupihan 47
    Hermosa 47
    Limay 47
    Mariveles [Bataan Export PZA] 47
    Orani 47
    Orion 47
    Samal 47
    Batanes Basco 78
    Batangas Alitagtag 43
    Balayan 43
    Batangas 43
    Bauan 43
    Cuenca 43
    Ibaan 43
    Lemery 43
    Lipa 43
    Nasugbu 43/4396
    Padre Garcia 43
    Rosario 43
    Sagbat 43
    San Jose 43
    San Juan 43
    Taal 43
    Talisay 43
    Tanauan 43
    Benguet Baguio 74
    La Trinidad 74
    Mankayan 74
    Bohol Jagna 38
    Tagbilaran 38
    Bukidnon Bagon-Taas 88
    Damilag 8853
    Don Carlos 8851
    Malaybalay 88
    Valencia 88
    Bulacan Abangan 4422
    Angat 44
    Balagtas 44
    Baliuag 44
    Bocaue 44
    Bustos 44
    Calumpit 44
    Guiginto 44
    Hagony 44
    Malolos 44
    Marilao 44
    Meycauayan 44
    Norzagaray 44
    Obando 2
    Pandayan 44
    Pandi 44
    Plaridel 44
    Pulilan 44
    Saint Francis 4463
    San Miguel 44
    San Rafael 44
    Santa Maria 44
    Cagayan Valley Aparri 78
    Ballesteros 78
    Buguey 78
    Camalaniugan 78
    Claveria 78
    Enrile 78
    Gonzaga 78
    Lal-lo 78
    Sanchez-Mira 78
    Solana 78
    Tuguegarao 78
    Camarines Norte Daet 54
    Jose Panganiban 54
    Labo 54
    Camarines Sur Buhi 54
    Bula 54
    Calabanga 54
    Iriga 54
    Libmanan 5446
    Magarao 54
    Nabua 54
    Naga 54
    Pili 54
    Sipocot 54
    Camiguin Camiguin 88
    Mambajao 88
    Capiz Mambusao 36
    Pontevedra 36
    Roxas 36
    Catanduanes Virac 52
    Cavite Bacoor 46
    Binakayan 46
    Carmona 46
    Cavite 46
    Cavite [Export PZA] 46
    DasmariÒas 46
    First Cavite Industrial Estate 46
    Imus 46
    Indang 46
    Javalera 46
    Kawit 46
    Molino 46
    Naic 46
    Noveleta 46
    Rosario 46
    Silang 46
    Tagaytay 46
    Tanza 46
    Trece Martirez 46
    Zapote 46
    Cebu Argao 3230
    Balamban 32
    Bogo 32
    Carcar 32
    Cebu 32
    Danao 32
    Lapu-Lapu City 32
    Lutopan 32
    Mactan 32
    Mandaue 32
    Metro Cebu 32
    Talisay 32
    Toledo 32
    Davao Matina 82
    Sasa 82
    Davao del Norte Panabo 84
    Tagum 84
    Davao del Sur Davao 82
    Digos 82
    Metro Davao 82
    Davao Oriental Mati 87
    Ifugao Banaue 74
    Ilocos Norte Batac 77
    Currimao 77
    Dingras 77
    Espiritu 77
    Laoag 77
    Marcos 77
    Paoay 77
    Piddig 77
    San Nicolas 77
    Sarrat 77
    Solsona 77
    Ilocos Sur Bantay 77
    Cabugao 77
    Candon 77
    Caoayan 77
    Galmuyod 77
    Magsingal 77
    Narvacan 77
    San Ildefonso 77
    San Vicente 77
    Santa 77
    Santa Catalina 77
    Santa Lucia 77
    Santa Maria 77
    Santo Domingo 77
    Sinait 77
    Tagudin 77
    Vigan 77
    Iloilo Alimodian 33
    Banate 33
    Dumangas 33
    Estancia 3397
    Iloilo 33
    La Paz 33
    Miagao 33
    Passi 33
    Sara 33
    Isabela Alicia 78
    Aurora 78
    Cabagan 78
    Cabatuan 78
    Cauayan 78
    Echague 78
    Ilagan 78
    Isabela (Northern Province) 78
    Mallig 78
    Roxas 78
    San Manuel 78
    San Mateo 78
    San Miguel 78
    Santiago 78
    Tumauini 78
    Kalinga-Apayao Tabuk 74
    La Union Agoo 72
    Bauang 72
    San Fernando 72
    Laguna Biñan 49
    Cabuyao 49
    Calamba 49
    Canlubang 49
    Canlubang Sugar Estate 49
    Laguna Intíl Industrial Park 49
    Laguna Technopark Industry 49
    Light Industry & Science Park 49
    Liliw 43
    Los Baños 49
    Luisiana 49
    Lumban 49
    Majayjay 49305
    Nagcarlan 49
    Pagsanjan 49
    Pila 49
    San Pablo 93
    San Pedro 2
    Santa Cruz 49
    Santa Rosa 49
    Lanao del Norte Iligan 63
    Kapatagan 63
    Tubod 63
    Marawi City 63
    Leyte Ormoc 53
    Palo 53
    Tacloban 53
    Tanauan 53
    Maguindanao Cotabato, Eastern North 64
    Dinaig 64
    Sultan Kudarat 64
    Marinduque Boac 42
    Santa Cruz 42
    Masbate Masbate 56
    Metro Manila Greenhills 2
    Kalookan City 2
    Las Piñas 2
    Makati 2
    Malabon 2
    Mandaluyong 2
    Manila 2
    Marikina 2
    Muntinlupa 2
    Navotas 2
    ParaÒaque 2
    Pasay City 2
    Pasig 2
    Pateros 2
    Quezon City 2
    San Juan 2
    Taguig 2
    Valenzuela 2
    Mindoro Mindoro Occidental 43
    Mindoro Oriental 43
    Mindoro Occidental Mamburao 43
    San Jose 43
    Mindoro Oriental Calapan 43
    Naujan 43
    Misamis Misamis Occidental 88
    Misamis Occidental Calamba 88
    Jimenez 88
    Oroquieta 88
    Ozamis 88
    Plaridel 88344
    Misamis Oriental Cagayan de Oro 8822
    Gingoog City 8842
    Tagoloan 88
    Mountain Province Bontoc 74
    Negros Occidental Bacolod 34
    Bago 3461
    Binalbagan 34
    Cadiz 34
    Esclante 34
    Hinigaran 34691
    Isabela 34
    Kabankalan 34
    La Carlota 34
    La Castellana 34
    Manapla 34
    San Carlos 34
    Silay 34
    Tangub 34
    Victorias 34
    Negros Oriental Bais 35
    Bayawan 35
    Dumaguete 35
    Tanjay 35
    North Cotabato Kidapawan 6423
    Midsayap 6422
    Nueva Ecija Cabanatuan 44
    Cuyapo 44
    Gapan 44
    Guimba 44
    MuÒoz 44
    San Jose 44
    Santa Rosa 44
    Talavera 44
    Nueva Vizcaya Bagabag 78
    Bambang 78
    Bayombong 78
    Quezon 78
    Solano 78
    Palawan Puerto Princesa 48
    Pampanga Angeles 45
    Apalit 45
    Bacolor 45
    Clark 45
    Floridablanca 4597
    Guagua 45
    Lubao 45/4593
    Mabalacat 45
    Macabebe 45/4594
    Masatol 45
    Mexico 45
    San Fernando 45
    Pangasinan Alaminos 75
    Alcala 75
    Asingan 75
    Balungao 75
    Bani 75
    Basista 75
    Bautista 75
    Bayambang 75
    Binalonan 75
    Binmaley 75
    Bolinao 75
    Bugallon 75
    Calasiao 75
    Dagupan 75
    Dasol 75
    Labrador 75
    Lingayen 75
    Mabini 75
    Malasiqui 75
    Manaoag 75
    Mangaldan 75
    Mangatarem 75
    Pozorrubio 75
    Rosales 75
    San Carlos 75
    San Fabian 75
    San Manuel 75
    San Nicolas 75
    San Quintin 75
    Santa Maria 75
    Santo Tomas 75
    Sison 75
    Sual 75
    Tayug 75
    Umingan 75
    Urbiztondo 75
    Urdaneta 75
    Villasis 75
    Romblon Romblon 78
    Quezon Atimonan 42
    Calauag 42
    Candelaria 42
    Gumaca 42/4244
    Infanta 4235
    Lopez 42
    Lucban 42
    Lucena 42
    Mauban 4251
    Pagbilao 42
    Sariaya 42
    Tayabas 42793
    Tiaong 4264
    Quirino Cabarroguis 78
    Rizal Tanay 2
    Taytay 2
    Samar Samar, Eastern 55
    Samar, Western 55
    Western Samar 55
    Sarangani Sarangani 82
    Sorsogon Bulan 56
    Gubat 56
    Sorsogon 56
    South Cotabato General Santos 83
    Koronadal 83
    Polomolok 83
    Surallah 83
    Sultan Kudarat Isulan 64
    Tacurong 64
    Surigao del Norte Surigao 86
    Surigao del Sur Bislig 8622
    Mangagoy 8622
    Tarlac Bamban 45
    Camiling 45
    Capas 45
    Concepcion 45
    Luisita Industrial Park 45
    Paniqui 45
    Tarlac 45
    Victoria 45
    Western Samar Calbayog 55
    Zambales Iba 47
    Masinloc 47
    Olongapo 47
    San Marcelino 4761
    San Narciso 4765
    Santa Cruz 47
    Subic 47
    Zamboanga del Norte Dapitan 65
    Western Zam. Del Norte 65
    Zamboanga del Sur Dipolog 65
    Ipil 62
    Molave 62
    Pagadian City 62
    Zamboanga City 62

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cheap Phone Calls to The Philippines

Calling the Philippines can be really expensive. You have to be smart and find ways to call where you can save money especially if you are planning to make calls on a regular basis.

1. Video conferencing or Video Chat - The cheapest and the best way to talk to your Filipina is video conferencing. You and the person you are calling will only have to pay for internet connection which is about 25 dollars a month. You can talk all day and all night, send cute pictures while talking, and at the same time, you can see each other through your webcams (This can really be helpful if you have not seen your Filipina friend in person). You can use different video conferencing tools that are free to download on the internet. Yahoo Messenger is my favourite since they are very easy to use. Also, most Filipinas use Yahoo for their mail and they probably already have yahoo messenger installed on their computer, and are very skilled in using it. Other video conferencing tools are Google Talk, Skype, MSN Messenger, AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). MSN Messenger is the next most popular video chat tool in the Philippines. You may also use that. The video interface in their messenger is a somewhat better than Yahoo Mesenger. This communication tool is only going to work if both of you have at least a computer, an internet connection, headset and webcam. It would be pricey investment if your Filipina does not have a computer. Another downside to this communication tool is that both of you have to be on a computer at the same time. If they do not have a computer, do not worry, there are still other ways to call them. I have listed some more ways to call the Philippines below...

When calling a land phone in the Philippines, you have to dial the country code 63, the area code, and the phone number . For example, when calling a land phone in Baguio City, Philippines, you dial 63744454624. 63 is the Philippine country code, 074 or 74 is Baguio City’s area code, and 4451234 is the phone number of the person. The beginning 0 in the area code will only matter if you are calling within the Philippines. For example, if you were in Manila and you would like to call Baguio City, you would dial 0744451234
When calling a cellular / mobile phone in the Philippines, you have to dial the country code 63, and just the cellular phone number without the 0. For example, 639174561234 09174561234 being the cellular phone number.

2. Computer to Phone Calls or PC to Phone Calls – There is another use for video chat software like YM (Yahoo Messenger), MSN Messenger and Skype. If you need to call your Filipina friend on her phone, you can still use these chat tools. PC to phone calls is possible. The downside of it though, is you have to pay for it. PC to phone calls are not free like PC to PC calls, but they are still cheaper than calling long distance through your regular phone or even using phone cards. ( I will discuss using phone cards later ).

Computer to Phone Call RATES :

· land phone in the Philippines from your Yahoo Messenger is $ 0.159/ min
· Cellular phone in the Philippines from your YM is $ 0.199/min


USD excluding VAT USD including VAT
Land Phone $ 0.198/ min $ 0.228/ min
Mobile/ Cellular Phone $ 0.249/ min $ 0.286/ min

I searched for a few more VOIP services that are not as popular as YM or Skype, and the cheapest one that I saw was Iconnect here and they say they only charge $.15/min their website is .

3. Using Phone Cards : Phone cards are more expensive than Pc to Phone calls. They charge anywhere between $0.013 /min to $0.179 /min PLUS additional charges. It is also cheaper to call a land/ home phone than a mobile phone. There is a lot of things to consider when you call using a phone card. Phone cards charge all different kinds of fees that are so frustrating. They have connection fees that range from $0.15 to $0.99 cents, so every time you place a call, you get charged that amount. They also have maintenance fees that could be daily, weekly and monthly. Not only that, they also have what they call post call fees. Phone cards have either all of these fees or a few of these fees. At one time I purchased a $5 phone card that advertised “$5 for 47 minutes, I oniy used it for about 17 minutes and then tried using it a few days later and it told me I only have 2 minutes left. It was ridiculous!. I should also mention, some of them have expiration dates.
You would have to analyze which phone card would be best for you based on the number of times you call, the length of time of your call, and etc. For example, if you use up all the minutes in just one call, you wouldn’t have to worry about maintenance fees and connection fees as much.

So when you decide you need to use a phone card to call the Philippines, you may want to look at the terms and conditions that are usually written at the back of the card.

Based on my search, Here are some of the better - priced phone cards that you can purchase online.

Rate :
Mobile $ 0.082 / min Land Phone $ 0.0543 /min

Grand Asia Phone Card has a per call fee of up to 99 cents, weekly maintenance fee of up to 99 cents, a fee of up to 99 cents fro any calls from payphone and a post call of 5 cents per minute.
Rate :
$ 5 Card
60 mins. to Philippines landline
50 mins. To Philippines Cellular

Kamusta Pilipinas Phone card charges a weekly maintenance fee up to $0.99 commencing after first call; a daily maintenance fee up to $0.15 commencing after first call; a fee up to $0.99 for any calls from payphones; and a post-call fee up to $1.99. These prices change so it is better to call their customer service number 1-888-569-9653 for current pricing.

FAST DIAL Rate: $ 0.109 / min
Fast Dial Phone Card has no connection fee and no maintenance fee. A 30% service fee is applied after each call. A 69¢ maintenance fee applies earlier of second day after first completed call or after initial 75¢ of usage and every 7 days thereafter.

You could do your own research on the best deal in phone cards online. Just Google search cheap phone cards from your location to Philippines.